Monday, April 2, 2012


So it's been a while since I posted, so I felt obligated to post again.
So the yearbook for this year is finally finished. I was the chief editor of it this year as a sophomore and it was hard trying to get the Seniors and Juniors to listen to me because I'm younger than them but they did listen pretty well, it's just the freshman getting to listen. Those were the only kids who didn't really do anything.
I had great editors. They went through all the portrait pages and fixed every single gutter space and name on all the pages. They did really well and it looks great.
My cousin moved into my house in January and it's been going great. She's got a job and everything's going dandy. Today she brought her dog to my house and our dog and it's amusing to see our dog get used to her dog. The cat is already used to her dog (I think it's because Taz is the same size as him).
I'm soooooo close to having a job soon I just need to have a call from the manager.
School, do I really need to bring that up. Well I think I should.
This past term wasn't great but I'm going to do my best this term. Alot of people are talking about how we have this thing called Winterim at my school which is 3 weeks of January and right after that we tend to forget everything so 3rd term is usually hard for everybody at the school.
I LOVE history. I don't like talking about war though. I know that it's something we did to have this country and to have it free'd but I don't like the thought of people going and risking their lives. Why can't we just have a peaceful world? (Don't actually answer this question).
We're learning about WW1 and reading this book called "All Quiet on the Western Front" and I'm not a big fan. It makes me sick reading about how people got stuck in the barbed wire and how the war didn't really go anywhere because nobody could get out of their trenches so it was at like a dead Holt.
I'm very grateful for my veterans. Especially my dad who served in the Navy. My cousin Rickey served in the Air Force. Tobias was in the Marines. Grandpa H was in the Army and more that I don't know about or I just can't remember. I'm very grateful for them and glad they're all here.
In my Socratic class we have to write a poem about war. Any kind of war we want. I decided to do mine on the little battles that everyone has everyday. I was reading in Seventeen Magazine and there was a spread that I caught my eye about this girl who posted up her secrets on Youtube and now there's tons of people who post up their secrets on Youtube every month. They're really easy to look up. Just type in "My Secrets Video" and lots for different people with different secrets pop up. I've really been interested in these videos just to see how many different secrets/battles everybody has, but I would have to be really brave to put something up like that.

I've going to try and post something new up at least every month.
Blog ya later,

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